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Modern Combat Versus Apk Download Free

Modern Combat Versus Apk Download

Modern Combat Versus latest Apk with the installer, download the Apk and enjoy hours of Battle Royale Gameplay with your friends with unlimited resources. We have covered all the topics regarding the game with additional content like basic QA asked in the Gameloft online Forum.

We are all going to die one day and if we have to waste what little time we have got playing video games they better be the right ones. Modern Combat versus a multiplayer team-based first-person shooter that might say it’s free to play but it’s worth all our effort?


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Gameloft is an interesting development gaming franchise for smartphones that I first heard about with the classics asphalt series. They have their own World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Sims city tony hawk and even an Uncharted ripoff which you can call a Hunter of Artifacts. Over the past couple of years, their most impressive series has been the modern combat games based on the modern military shooter games.

At least visually the GamePlay and design of the series has been filled with every call of duty games. Modern combat versus has clearly found some new inspirations. So modern combat versus is a team based first person shooter that screams of modern inspirations while the older titles were your generic call of duty clones now we have distinct characters each with their own attack points strength health and weapons and special moves.


When does Modern Combat Versus get released?
Modern Combat Versus was released on September 28, 2017, by Gameloft.
Does Modern Combat Versus have a single player campaign?
Currently, the game is available for FPS Deathmatches. The game genre is multiplayer so there will be no solo-mode for this game.
Does Modern Combat versus requires an internet connection?
Yes, A cellular connection or a Wifi Connection is required in order to play this game.

Modern Combat Versus Trailer

Modern Combat Versus Trailer is no less than a Movie Cinematic Trailer. The official trailer creates a lot of Hype in the smartphone Gaming industry because of its realistic graphics and GamePlay. This game is considered as the Call of duty First person Shooter game for Smartphones. The Trailer shows all the basic characters in the game, Some Map information, Some death match techniques, and all new Skins and characters. Watch the official Trailer below.



Modern Combat Versus Play Store 

Download the official game from Android play store. Requires Android Version 4.0.3 and Above with at least 1 GB of free space with a stable Internet Connection.


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Modern Combat Versus Steam Download

Download Modern Combat Versus directly from Steam. Requires Steam engine on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 or Mac OS with 4 GB of ram, Intel HD graphics and 3 GB of free storage.


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Modern Combat Versus Wiki

First, we have LOCKE a good middle-of-the-road character with both decent attack and defense and his special move augmented reality can reveal characters positions for both you and your teammates.

Next one is khan, he’s a heavy defender character with a big health count medium damage and a defensive dome special ability for protecting you and your teammates, and finally, we have mi-nu. She’s fast from all the others and that’s an advantage in these type of Deathmatches where you move around and dough bullets.

That’s it, you only get three characters in the free version of the game. There are other special ability characters too which you can buy at some later point. Almost all the things in this game have a price tag. Guess what colors too…


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You have to pay 100 diamonds to buy a blue color. Sounds fun right? You don’t have to worry about that because we have the best and latest version of files available in our website. Modern Combat Versus Apk file works with both Android and IOS devices users. The process is very simple. You just have to download the latest file, install it in your smartphone or PC/MAC and enjoy.

Modern Combat Versus PC edition is also available to download in the Windows 8 and 10 store for free.

Modern Combat versus is a sequel to Modern Combat 5: Blackout?
Modern Combat Versus is a completely redesigned Online Multiplayer Genre game. Each character in the game is completely new.
How many classes are there in Modern Combat Versus?
There are 4 pre-defined roles in the game. There are currently 12 different Playable Agents in the game. They are categorized as Attacker, Assasins, Defender, and Specialist.
How do I activate a Agent Ability?
Once the Ability bar is filled, you can simply tap the Ability icon to activate it.


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Modern Combat Versus Apk Download

Download the Latest Version Modern Combat Versus Apk file from below. This apk file is specially designed for Server Anti-Ban feature meaning your accounts are Safe using these Apk files. The devices in which we have tested these files are still running perfectly and are not banned. We strongly recommend you to create a new account before trying any kind of Hack or Apk file. We are not responsible if your account got banned.




Modern Combat Versus Release Date

Modern Combat Versus was officially available for mobile gamer back on September 28, 2017. The graphics were awesome at that time. Comparing itself with the modern high-end PC games. From that point, the game is available on all gaming platform. Android, IOS and Microsoft Windows Platform and soon will be available on Nintendo Switch.


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Modern Combat Versus Mod Apk

Download and Install Modern Combat Versus Mod Apk file from below. This Mod Apk file includes all the latest Agents in the game with special rewards, New Skins, Unlimited Diamonds, and weapons. Follow the installation procedure below.



How to install Modern Combat Versus Mod Apk?

The installation process is simple, Just follow the instructions below:
1: Install the Apk on your device
2: Extract the folder you downloaded.
3: Copy the folder: “” to “Android/Obb/”
4: Play the game and enjoy.


How do I get Agents in Modern Combat Versus?
You can either Unlock them or buy them in Agent Shop with Diamonds or Korpens.
How do I Wall Run on Modern Combat Versus?
Simply sprint at the wall with Directed arrows and the action will be performed automatically.
Can I play modern combat versus on Windows?
Yes, the game is available on Windows store. You can also download this from the Official Steam store.
Can I connect my Social Media Account with Modern Combat Versus Account?
Yes, you can now connect your Social Media account in the game. You can also share your scores with your friends on Facebook.


You can also use Modern Combat Versus Hack 2018 to gain unlimited resources like gems coins to buy the stuff you most desire in the game. The good feature of this hack file is its the ability to detect Anti-Ban Server selection. That’s right! It will automatically select the server in which your Account Ban symptoms are very less.


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